Hii, I'm Lionz

Hewwoo!!! my name is Lionz
I'm a silly guy from The Netherlands who likes to
play a little osu!, wiz101, apex, val, csgo and other random games

I like listening to hyperpop, all kinds of rock,
certain russian music and rap!
This has to be one of my favorite songs

(open in spotify, embed is really loud)

(volume warning)

Besides listening to music I also like to work on things.
Coding for example, even though I'm not great at it, I like doing it every now and then. But I also enjoy playing games duhhh and going outside (sometimes) is also cool

Some more about me!

  • my pc specs
  • I love fumos
  • goofy and silly

  • If you would also like to know about some of stuff I have been doing/working on or have done in the past you should check out my projects page!

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